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Our Mission

“We are committed to give our students quality & professional education to help them chart their own success stories not only as successful professionals in their respective fields but also as good human beings & responsible citizens

Message from the Founder’s Desk

“We all have read about the theory of evolution and we understand it too. However, we fail to recognize its universal application. Yes! We often forget that it is applicable not only to the physical aspects of the various living beings but also to the behavioral aspect. And as man is concerned, significance of evolution is far more than evident.

If we look back a few years, we will be surprised to find how the perception, perspective and preferences of a student have changed and how the outlook of a future employer has changed? How the competition has increased by leap & bounds and how the means to come out with flying colors from that competition, have increased too? And we all know that to be par with the cut-throat competition of 21st century; we require excellent professional education along with the usual and professional degrees/ diplomas.

This is where the importance of professional education or shall we say importance of our RKCS Educational Society appears…. on the cloud like the bright Sun.”


  - N. C. Bansal
    Founder & Chairperson



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