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Career Counseling

Career Counseling is one area which every student needs at the point he/she is taking the first step towards higher education and eventually a Profession. We design our counseling sessions keeping in view various factors like: -

What a student wants to do?
What are his/her interests?
What are his parents’ aspirations?
What is the present scenario?
What field has the potential to give better returns?
Keeping all these factors in mind we direct our sessions around these topics:
Informing participants about various career options after 10+2/ Graduation/ Post-Graduation
Providing information about the universities/ colleges/ institutions offering different courses
Detailed future prospects of every course
Introduction to the fields of Information Technology/ Computers Science/ Media/ Films/ Commerce/ Journalism/ Mass Communication/ Television, etc. & many others
Career avenues available in the various sectors/ industries
Skills & aptitude required making a good a professional
Comparison of different degree & diploma courses offered at 10+2/ Graduation/ Post-Graduation levels
Achievements & advancements in IT/ Commerce/ Media/ Journalism, etc.
Ideal Graduation courses for better career prospects

When caring for career starts, it’s important that a student’s mind should not be confused as many options are available. Our effort is always directed towards the betterment of future. It’s a satisfying experience when a student takes a good decision keeping in view every factor discussed in counseling and able to put a sound foundation for a strong and rewarding future.

Have any query related to career of your choice? Contact us now or send it at or to get the answers from our expert & experienced career counselors.
Career Options In Mass Communication, Journalism, Media Technologies & Films

Mass Communication has become the distinct branch of learning & spreading information. The Print & Electronic Media with its various forms has upgraded the study of Mass Communication & Journalism. They have improved Media’s Capacity to deliver information simultaneously & instantaneously to the global audience & thus have established its supremacy over others. This is why “Press” is called Fourth Estate and works as a strong pillar in the growth & development of the country.

Students pursuing studies in these fields may find work in newspapers, magazines, periodicals, news agencies, news channels, television, Radio/FM, PR agencies, internet, event management, production studio, advertising agencies, etc. as a:
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Script Writer
  • Production Assistant
  • Cameraman
  • Light Director
  • Dubbing Master
  • Editor
  • News Reader
  • News Reporter
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Radio Jockey
  • Corporate Communicator
  • News Writer
  • Chief Editor/Resident Editor
  • Sub Editor
  • News /Feature Editor
  • Associate Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Feature writer
  • Writing for Multimedia and the Web
  • Columnist
  • Photo Journalist or News Photographer
  • Cartoonists & illustrators
  • Video Editor
  • Special Effects Animator
  • Media Planner
  • Media Consultant
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  • Anchor/ Actor
  • Media Counselor
  • Media Educationist
  • Sound Engineer
  • Freelancer
  • Event Manager
  • Advertiser
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