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Mass Communication, Media & Journalism Courses

R. K. Films & Media Academy, RKFMA, is an autonomous establishment under aegis of the R. K. C. S. Educational Society (Regd.) & had started its operation in 2006 in New Delhi. Equipped with latest infrastructure & media technology employed studios, RKFMA offers courses in the field of Media & Mass Communication, Journalism, Films & T.V. studies, Advertising, etc. RKFMA believes in providing its students with real-time films & media education & has its own in-house studios in the campus located in central part of New Delhi. Such production studios include digital photography studio, acting studio, video editing studio, sound recording & dubbing studios.

R. K. Films & Media Academy offers degree & diploma courses, in the field of Mass Communication, Journalism & Advertising in New Delhi at under graduate & post graduate level. Besides this, the RKFMA offers its autonomous diploma & certificate courses like Film Acting, Non-Linear Video Editing with Special Effects & Animation, Digital Still Photography, Sound Recording & Dubbing, Anchoring & Broadcasting, Radio & T.V. Journalism, & Print Journalism in its New Delhi campus.

With the growth of media industry both electronic and print, the demand for the professionals in journalism has gained tremendously.  It is also a fascinating line of career for the young generation. With the advent of satellite television, media has undergone a sea change in the last one decade.  Media as a profession has come up in a big way offering several job opportunities in the field of print, TV, radio and advertising world. 

The media has specialized itself in almost all walks of life may be it business, education, news coverage, entertainment, music, talent hunt, fashion, discovery/science religion, health, investment and money matters and its methods of presentation have even become guiding factors/trends setters for the masses.  The specialization is seen in both the print as well as the electronic media. There are the countless publications, TV channels and the radio programs all over India, if we go through each and every state in India and likewise the countless opportunities in this line field.


Personality traits required for most of the jobs in the media include the ability to work for undefined hours, a wide range of interests, general awareness, a pleasing personality, the ability to think fast and speed of action, a love for people, sensitivity to feel what the audience wants, tact, self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, creativity and the ability to take criticism positively. Working on tight schedules, travelling to remote areas to learn more about events happenings, working odd hours is something that could be required on the part of its disciple. Skillfulness, accuracy and speech to make a good report could be an added asset.

As a journalist you will need to be well versed, collecting and broadcasting the news via writing, speech and/or visuals. Research will be an important factor if you have an eye for detail. Writing, editing, proof-reading, photography, layout and production – all these factors contribute to making of a story.

Journalists have variety of options available. One can choose to work either with the print or the electronic media. They can work for newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, publishing companies, national television and radio, freelancers, etc. Some of the career options available in journalism are that of editor, reporters, news analysts, proof-reader, writer, columnist, critic, photo journalist, news photographer, fashion journalist, cartoonist and illustrators and many more. In recent times, the wide umbrella of media has seen mushrooming of entertainment and allied industry horizontally and vertically. One can explore various avenues of communication industry such as in event management, public relations, production and media houses, and internet media, etc.

Now a days the media industry has become so powerful that if properly directed it has the potential of reforming the whole society.  The need is only for a right reporting with a positive direction.
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